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Blockchain Technology

SoftQuake Systems Private Limited provides an One stop solution Blockchain services which includes Initial Coin offering ( ICO ) website design-development , Smart contract development , private Blockchain development , Decentralise Application based etc.


Our expert Blockchain development team is capable of writing secure codes for Decentralise Smart contracts. And implement the smart contracts in Etherium Blockhain . The smarts contract are written with functionalities like Crowdsale , Vesting, Bouty programming etc .


If any insecurity , inefficiency is found in coding after deployment of Smart contract at Blockchain can surely damage the growth of the ICO , gradually it may found out to be a reason for failure of project.

SoftQuake Systems expert team of Smart contract Audit department can make sure the codes are tested and provide you a complete report , when the smart contracts are deployed in Block chain it can generate the trust among the investors .


The success of an ICO depends various factors such as -

1. Security implementation at user dashboard , Admin and database etc .
2. Secured coding
3. User friendly design
4. Interactive info graphics
5. Planning etc.


With the increase amount of ICO and investment in token . The CrypotoCurrecy exchange has become essential among the crypto investors.

Softquake Systems provides the service for developing Cryptocurrency Exchange platform . With our past experience in developing Cryptocurrency Exchange web application we can develop with ultimate security deployment in coding, User account, Admin dashboard, Super Admin etc .

Unique and user friendly UI design is another aspect of great Exchange platform . The user friendly UI design can convert the potential customer to regular user


Blockchain technology is one of the greatest invention of 21st Century . It has opened a new era of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin , Ether ,Altcoin , Dash etc.

Blockchains are secure by design and exemplify a distributed computing system with high Byzantine fault tolerance. Decentralized consensus has therefore been achieved with a Blockchain.

With our experience and expertise in Blockchain technology we provide the services for developing Decentralise Applications for :-
1. Real estate industry
2. Medical Industry
3. Ecommerce Industry

Our expert analysis team can provide you consultation and recommendation for any Custom development of Decentralise Application.

SoftQuake Systems can develop any Decentralise Applications which very unique in concept and completely customised as per client recommendation and requirements

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