Tokenized the Blood donation and distribution !

NFT is blessing in Healthcare industry .

Non Fungible Token can be used for Certification of Authentication Human Composition such as Blood can be represented or certified through Non Fungible Tokens .

How NFT is effecting Blood Donation and distribution :-

“ Blood Donation Organisation already encourage the use of NFTs for blood donations. Blood donors are marked with a specific token that can then be followed through the system. The donation can then be followed from transport to the hospital, into a blood bank, and into its eventual recipient. Blood can registered by its NFT into a digital “blood bank” where the need for particular blood types can be tracked by a blockchain system and delivered to where it is most needed. “

Every year India requires 5,000,0000/- units of blood and in USA the demands is up to 18.184 liters per year.

The demands are only met half , in India the yearly supply is 2,50,00,000/-Unit . In America yearly 4.5 Million people die every year due to lack of supply .

EY Canada has been working with Canadian Blood Services ( CBS ) to address this challenges with a proposal to put blood records on the blockchain . The thinking was simple: if this was done effectively, we could provide near real-time visibility and traceability of blood products throughout the system.

This huge gap between demand and supply causes the Black marketing,Blood Trafficking , Maintaining a correct supply line etc . NFT can solve this problem by providing Authentication and correct data in a single place . The demand and supply gap will be closed . The Black Marketing can be prevented .

The use of NFT in Blood Donation and distribution field will be blessing to human life. The FUTURE IS NFT