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Mobile App Development

Smartphones and Tablets have become an integral part of our lives and the apps installed them makes us glued to our devices 24×7. Whether the devices are used by Students or Professionals every now and then someone comes up with a great idea and to bring that idea to life SoftQuake Systems comes into the picture. We discuss, design, develop, test and deploy the apps for you. Providing end to end services helps you in saving lot time, effort and money as everything is available at one place. We ensure that the User Experience is customized as per the different devices available in the market taking care of screen sizes and resolutions. At SoftQuake Systems, we also help you to deploy the apps on different market stores and provide 3 months of continuous support and maintenance free of cost.


SoftQuake Systems, with its dynamic, capable development and management teams, offers a unique opportunity to its customers to avail of proven, high quality software design, development and testing skills at competitive rates. SoftQuake Systems offers world-class mobile application development services, targeting the Android and iOS Phone platforms.


Our group of versatile innovation specialists and designers comprehend what it takes to create an effective and beneficial mobile strategy. We’ll work with you to assess, meet and surpass your business objectives. We’ll present to you an innovative and forefront versatile methodology, helping your business stay in front of the pack. Whether you need to grow your client base or incorporate existing frameworks to streamline business forms, SoftQuake Systems will make it work for you.


Design is making a thing so intriguing, that you can’t resist the opportunity to captivate with it. Nothing beats a conceptually pleasing UI/UX. SoftQuake Systems’s mobility developers are adept at –

1. Developing wireframes / mockups
2. Developing UI for different screen sizes
3. Optimized database structures and designs
4. Resolve synchronization issues early in the stage


SoftQuake Systems is one of the leading companies in mobile application development. Our mobility developers are well versed with iOS and Android which forms a key to our innovative application development strategies.

Simplicity is what users rely on while using an app having a smooth user experience. SoftQuake Systems will work closely with you to develop mobile apps that best suits the need of you and end users.

Mobile application development has spread like a wildfire. To effectively use mobile computing, enterprises are now focusing on building their own Mobility Application for wider customer reach. In today’s mobile world everyone wants flexibility and freedom whether employees or customers and enterprises want security and control. SoftQuake Systems will help you create business processes which are more efficient and giving you and your employees access on the go.


With multiple mobile operating systems and tens of thousands of devices on the market, how can you ensure your app delights your users everywhere, every time? To tackle this issue SoftQuake Systems’s Mobility Testing team uses Automation Tools like TestFlight, MonkeyTalk, Applause etc. which are flexible and powerful testing tools


2. Phonegap

SoftQuake Systems Mobility Developers are well versed with the above tools which enables us to offer services over cross functional multiplatform mobile applications. These tools empower us to gel with the different platforms in accordance to their diverse gimmicks, abilities and behaviour. These tools provides an open source library, a stage which allows the designer to make local applications, spreading over a dazzling scope of OS’ and smartphones.

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